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Dedicata a Robin Williams



Birkin Tree
Will ye go to Flanders


Come dire:


Colonna sonora della serie Saving Grace, una delle più belle colonne sonore degli ultimi anni…ed era bella anche la serie, anche se un po’ pesantuccia.


Ira’ & Paulina Dubaj - Better In Time

(in: In Search of Sunrise - Vol 12 - Dubai)


In Search of Sunrise  - Vol 12 - Dubai
(tracklist mix)


Vann Johnson in Tribute di Yanni





The River of Realization (pt 1)


Mike Oldfield

Women of Ireland



The mighty Atlantic

Chi mi’n geamhradh (gaelico: hi min ghioura = Vedo l’inverno)


Connells: 74-75

Joan Osborne: One Of Us



Board MSM 8969



cog in the wheel

Also, cog in the machine. One who holds a minor but necessary post in a large organization, as in Frank knew he was just a cog in the wheel of this giant corporation. This term alludes to the role of the mechanical cog,
One of the teeth on a wheel or gear that, by engaging other teeth,
transmits or receives motion. Used figuratively since about 1930, it
sometimes is put as small cog in a large wheel, emphasizing a person’s lack of importance





ho visto che a qualcuno piaceva il sitar !