How To Distribute Internet Using Leased Line Of 2 MBPS

Hello guys,

I want to know how can we distribute or split leased line on different computers.
My local ISP uses 2 mbps leased line and he distributes it to about 200 houses (he will never tell how he do this).
I am from New Delhi. I just want to know how can he split 2 or 4 mbps into so many connections.
Is there any special apparatus used for this purpose moreover if he splits 2mbps to so many connections why does not BB speed slows down because if 4 people take 512 mbps connection from him it is equal to 2 mbps and that’s what his leased line limit.
Which companies provide leased line connection in Delhi and I will be grateful if any one provides me with their link.
I am expecting help from you guys.
Please help me if you have any knowledge on this topic. I will be very grateful.

I didn’t find the right solution from the internet.

2Mbs a Delhi…divisi tra 200 utenti!!
Da noi…ma perchè non arrivo a 100Mbs pieni? :old_blow:

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